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You will find here our offers to the Open House 2021.

To begin with, our school management gives a warm welcome to you.

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The Hauptschule Vorsfelde stands for... tolerance. respect. the sense of togetherness. independence. self-reliance.

The most important information at a glance

You are welcome to come to the secretariat of the Vorsfelde secondary school from May 17th to 20th, 2021.

You can register your child from Monday to Thursday between 7:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Please bring the original of the child’s last certificate/report and any evidence of custody or current performance notices from the job center.



We offer:

  • Small classes
  • Our class teachers teach many hours in their own class so that a class community can grow up quickly
  • A convincing inclusion concept (you can find out more about our inclusion concept here.)
  • Rooms with digital equipment such as smartboards, projectors, laptops, and iPads
  • A school focus on vocational orientation with internships in grades 8, 9, and 10
  • Support with homework from Monday to Thursday in the 7th lesson

Many paths are open to you at the Vorsfelde secondary school.

After the 9th of the school year, the following qualifications can be obtained:

  • Secondary school leaving certificate
  • Completion of special-needs education qualification for pupils with identified special educational needs in the area of learning

These qualifications are possible after the 10th grade:

  • Secondary modern school qualification certificate, „Sek-1 Hauptschulabschluss”
  • Secondary school certificate, „Sek-1 Realschulabschluss”
  • Extended secondary school graduation, „Erweiterter Sek-1 Realschulabschluss”

One advantage of the Vorsfelde school center is the wide range of project group, „AG “ offers. All pupils of the school center can choose from the joint offer of all 3 schools’ Secondary modern school / Junior High School, „Hauptschule“, Intermediate secondary  school, „Realschule“, and Senior High School, „Gymnasium “.

Here you can view the current AG offer.

(Due to the current corona situation, the project groups cannot take place at the moment.)


  • the main subjects are German, English and

Mathematics (in grades 9 and 10 there are performance-differentiated courses with basic and advanced levels)

  • Biology, Physics and Chemistry
  • History, Geography, starting from grade 7 Politics and Economics
  • Physical Exercises, Art, Ethics (values ​​and norms), Computer Science, Creative Work, Housekeeping and Technology are very popular subjects
  • in grade 9 we visit the vocational school, “BBS” for a few hours on Wednesdays


The school year offers many varied activities such as:

  • Our Allersee lake rally
  • The sports festival
  • Game tournaments
  • Project days on topics such as health or strategy against violence
  • The swimming party in the public swimming pool „VW-Bad “
  • Project weeks
  • Regular visits to the Scharoun Theater, the VFL Stadium, and the car city of Volkswagen, „Autostadt”
  • Projects and workshops in cooperation with the VFL


The school Grunds

The school grounds are shared by the secondary school with the intermediate secondary school, the high school, and the special-needs school.           

There are many offers in the Vorsfelde school center:

The cafeteria and the kiosk
The cafeteria and the kiosk are available for daily catering.
the self-study center
In the self-study center, you can study and borrow books, games, and films.
The open space "freiRaum"
The open space, "Freiraum” offers many opportunities to play and relax and is looked after by great educational staff who are always ready to listen to our students.

Insights into our school life

A virtual school Tours

Would you like to take a closer look at our school?

Then please try out our virtual school tour. Have fun!

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